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Friends of Visually Impaired Children in the Gambia

February 2018 saw Joan Feller back in The Gambia with a list of things to do.

She had taken with her a sound system which had been donated to Start Now and was able to present it during her visit.  It was much appreciated.

She was delighted to see that Start Now was going from strength to strength. During that visit there was a demonstration on how to use a white cane as well as the presentation of one to a young man who had successfully completed his training.

There was also a visit by Rotarian Angela Williams and links with St Vincent’s School for the Blind in collaboration with the Rotarian Club of Liverpool. This had led to the wonderful gift of a sight box to Start Now. The contents of these boxes help the visually impaired in countries where there is little or no supportive infrastructure to develop the key skills needed for an independent lifestyle.

Minyan Jobe of the Fajara Rotarian Club in The Gambia is also visiting and supporting Start Now.

Joan made two visits to the Yahaddy Nursery School where Lamin Saidy proudly showed her the school security gates which the Friends paid for. Joan left funds for the installation of water. The school is paying for the electricity supply.

A request for the purchase of a speaker to assist in Jolly Phonics was duly met with Lamin Saidy immediately disappearing to purchase it.Joan and I look forward to visiting the school during our next visit to The Gambia.

The mother of Isatou, the girl who the Friends enabled to have a sight test and glasses to correct her sight problems, informed Joan how well her daughter was now doing in her school studies.

Phillip Feller


Below: Joan presenting the sound system. From left - Alieu Jaiteh (founder and chairman of Start Now), Omar Jallow (a low vision teacher at Jamisa Senior School), and Joan Feller.

Lamin Saidy with one of the security gates atYahaddy Nursery School before they were installed. 

sound system

lamin withgate