Links with charities and other organisations we often work closely with:

Chain of Hope - This charity aims to provide children suffering from life-threatening heart disease with the corrective surgery and treatment to which they would not otherwise have access. See Modou Saidy's Heart Operation.

GOVI - This national organisation is recognised and registered with the Gambian government and undertakes a number of activities to help uplift the status of the blind and visually impaired in the Gambia. It founded the Resource Centre which is the only school for the blind and visually impaired in that country.

RugAid - In February 2007 David Pointon and Pip Land (trustees of the Friends) introduced Heather Ritchie of RugAid to the Gambia, GOVI and the school for blind and visually impaired children. Her daughter, Chrissie, assisted Mr Pointon with some workshops for rehabilitation workers. RugAid now has its own workshop in the Gambia and a group of visually impaired and blind people have been taught how to make rugs

Kingfisher Trust whose work in the Gambia includes the provision of a free internet cafe for the blind and visually impaired

Muslim Aid is a worldwide organisation with an office in the Gambia. The UK office has worked with Friends of GOVI since it's early days and has given a great deal of support to our projects.

Seeds for Africa is a charity run by Rutherford College at the University of Kent, Canterbury. Seeds for Africa assists schools with money for seeds and tools to create school vegetable gardens.

The Gambia Experience is the leading tour operator to The Gambia offering flights and holidays all year round. The Gambia Experience run their own School Development Fund, supporting education across the country. If you book your holiday with the Gambia Experience through this website the company will give this charity five per cent of the amount paid.