Thank You To Donors

Donations to this charity since 1998 has made it possible to maintain the school and provide many of the items required by the pupils and staff including specialist equipment. We have also been able to ensure that the pupils received balanced, nutritious meals. 

Phil Feller said: "I would like to thank you all for being members and sponsors over the years. Without your kind donations the GOVI Resource School for Visually Impaired Children would not have been built and maintained, nor the children fed or been provided with uniforms, shoes, sportswear and other items."

But now it is time to wind down. For details about what we are doing with the remaining funds see the Home and News sections. 

If you do want to support us in this the bank account for the Friends of Visually Impaired Children in the Gambia is held at the HSBC Bank plc at 181 King Street, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR 30 1IS. 

The details are as follows: bank – HSBC; sort code – 40-22-22; and account number – 61598678.

People to Thank

The following people and organisations have contributed to this website:

Photographs have been supplied by Pip Pointon (formerly Land), David Pointon, Ken Nicholas, Phil Feller, and Matt Connolley, 

Many thanks to Sheridan Hudson for all her sterling work in setting up and editing  the charity's website for many years. And to Carol Haynes, our present websmaster, and to Pip for writing articles and updating it.   


We are delighted that we were able to introduce Heather Ritchie to GOVI and that her work through Rug-Aid is proving to be so useful among visually impaired people in the Gambia. 


Jankey and Heather working together, The Gambia, February 2007 (Photo Pip Land)