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Friends of Visually Impaired Children in the Gambia

moudous catchWhen Phil and Joan Feller visited the Gambia in November 2016 they were delighted to find that Modou Saidy, Lamin Saidy's son, had continued to do very well after his heart surgery in 2013.  Phil went fishing with him again and Modou was caught a large Captain fish.

Going fishing with Modou and his father  was the highlight of Phil's visit in May 2014 (see below). Modou was very active and healthy after recuperating from his operation - and was delighted to catch a nice Ladyfish which he cooked himself for the family's meal that evening.  

The Fellers were very grateful to all those who supported and took an interest in Modou and reported that he continued to well after his heart operation at Aswan in Egypt during Easter 2013. He was back at school and taking additional studies on Saturdays as well as enjoying cycling and being a young man.

During their visit in November 2013 Modou and his mother travelled to Dakar in Senegal for his first major check-up. After they returned Lamin, Modou, Joan and Phil went to the MRC Hospital (Medical Research Centre) where the report was read by Dr Suzanne Anderson. She had supported Modou throughout his illness and liaised with The Chain of Hope who sponsored his operation.

Dr Anderson was very pleased with the report and arranged for Modou to have the required antibiotics which he will need for the foreseeable future.

Modou had travelled to Aswan in Upper Egypt with his mother on Tuesday, March 26 for his heart operation on April 2. This was carried out by Prof Magdi Yacoub at the Aswan Heart Centre. The Chain of Hope charity sponsored all the medical and living costs with Modou and his mother, Mariama Sowe Saidy, staying in accommodation at the hospital. 

Phil and Joan Feller worked hard to bring this about and raised additional funds to help the family it its preparations for Modou's operation. These funds covered the cost of attending clinics and the medicines required to help Modou be as fit as possible for the operation. That began in early 2012 when it was found that Modou would need an operation on a heart valve. As facilities were not available in the Gambia for such an operation the Fellers researched where that could take place and searched for sponsorship. They set up a separate FGVI account to cover the various costs of helping Modou. 

In August 2012 he attended a hospital in Dakar, Senegal, where he had a full medical and new scans to show the function of his heart. These were sent to the Chain of Hope and led to him being selected for surgery. 

Since the operation the Fellers raised funds to help towards the cost of the after-care that Modou has needed since returing to the Gambia in mid April. 

During his time at Aswan Modou received a lot of support from Lisa Yacoub, the UK Programme Director of Chain of Hope. Below: Modou with Lisa Yacoub before the operation.