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Friends of Visually Impaired Children in the Gambia

Phil and Joan Feller visited the Gambia in May and reported:

Once again Start Now has done a cracking good job on the construction of a wall to provide more security for the building, and added protection for the staff and students. The murals were painted by Ebrima Saho. 

We had a long chat with the team as they still need help with computer equipment and other items. We advised them to set up a "Friends of Start Now". 

Haddy's nursery school is nearly finished. Joan has managed to sell a few more items [at car boot sales] and so was able to give Lamin some money to complete the work before the official opening at the beginning of the September term. Rianne, the wonderful Dutch nurse, will provide the furniture which, at present, is in storage. 


The Start Now team beside Ebrima Saho's mural

The entrance to the Start Now compound

Haddy's nursery school

startnow team

startnow entrance

haddys school